Back Side – name it

14 05 2009

Back side zerbino o tappeto voodoo cool business ideas


13 05 2009

His name is Maurizio in front of our storage depot.His name is Maurizio in front of our storage dept in Italy

General KeyWords

12 05 2009

Eng: VoodooRug – Vodo carpet – Voodoo carpeting, Voodoo floor covering, Voodoo floor mat,Voodoo  matting, Voodoo runner,Voodoo shag, Voodoo tapestry.

Esp: Alfombrilla Voodoo, Limpiabarros Voodoo, Alfombra Voodoo, Estera Vouduu, felpudo Vodo, Moqueta Voodoo, Tapiz Voodoo. 

Ita: Zerbino Voodoo, Moquette Voodo, stuoino vodo,  tappetino vodu.

Fra: Voodoo Paillasson, Vodoo  abri, Vadu  abrivent, Voodoo tapis, Vaudoo tapis-brosse, Voodu mat.